exactly what a ghoul is


shitbath dreambabe trying to be relevant on the internet

hahaha I cried at work today hahaha summer of ouch 2014: extremely sharp feelings edition

fallin’ asleep to aesthetically pleasing horror films is my jam

a bud stayed over last night and we both woke up during the earthquake and they sleepy-grumbled “brenna stop doing that” and I was like “yes it is I making the earth move, ya dingus”

sage is skeptical of the fact that I do not believe in the existence of our secret reptilian overlords

Title: Restless Artist: 40 Watt Sun 0 plays


40 Watt Sun - Restless


i’m still tryin 2 walk into yer party dressed like rob halford

this post also goes out to born-deleuze

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Hey so I’ve so far only seen white folks reblogging that “what is violence” anarchist graphic. Now isn’t really the time for us white people to be making ferguson about our anarchist ideology, not while things are going on on the ground the way they are, and especially not while white anarchists are causing serious trouble for black protestors. Let’s take a step back, let’s contribute in ways we have been asked to by black and brown people, let’s sit down and not make this abt the sexy violent anarchist rev rn.

#real  #ferguson  

Listen/purchase: Backwoods (For the Warbler) by The Gembrokers

this songs eats my heart up

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