exactly what a ghoul is


shitbath dreambabe trying to be relevant on the internet


John Constantine meets Morpheus.

and let us always remember the best of comix crossovers, constantine meeting up w/ dream from sandman, with cheeky mentions of swamp thing

new tattoo idea #1000: a piece of both lucifer from Sandman and the first of the fallen from Hellblazer

if you hadn’t noticed i really have a thing for graphic novel depictions of satan/the devil


I don’t believe in any type of predestination, only that I am not yet dead basically, but a lot of things are coinciding in a way that makes me wish I knew where I could move that would work for my brain because the bay isn’t doing that, I’m moving within six months regardless I decided and ahhhh AHHHHHHH brenna & I are always joking about moving to hollow earth I wish we could actualize that, I just want to make cartoons and be somewhat useful in lessening the crushing weight of capitalism for the people around me and touch some trees and water

ferin bud ferin i could also so use a hollow earth home rite now

my hausmates cat is the goofiest lil nerd dude keeps rolling all over my shoes and making weird grosscute noises when I pet him


A picture of Sadie’s guitar cab that Jenna (morningriser) took on the last Crabapple tour. The first time I saw this cab I fell in love and I haven’t stopped thinking about these words since then.

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Life Extinguishing Elegance - A Conversation With Thou (Part II) ›


Thanks to Bryan from Thou for the kind words. See you in july.

"Seriously, though, there should be more bands like Hirs and Correspondences. More transgender and queer metal bands. More outsiders, criminals, and transgressors. Less socially inept neanderthals. Less white, long-haired, beards."


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Title: 03 - Turn The Fan On Artist: Self Defense Family 123 plays


Self Defense Family - “Turn The Fan On”

Seaven Teares- Headless Statue

this band was strange and catchy and weird as hell 

shoulda got way more attention in their short lifespan


the ol’ spicy keychain

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got good hair and an angry lil face

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