exactly what a ghoul is


shitbath dreambabe trying to be relevant on the internet

get rowdy, drink and listen to audiobooks

Title: Psalms 40:2 Artist: The Mountain Goats 40 plays


Psalms 40:2, The Mountain Goats.

feel bad about the things we do along the way
but not really that bad



"I am the beginning, the end. The one who is many. I am the Borg."

from villains of science fiction: a comprehensive guide to making an entrance

this is how I enter most rooms tho


margy pepper: deep water dark water

olympia, wa punk jams..

(via possum-queendom)

via Bandcamp
Title: Mosquito Repellent Artist: The Mountain Goats & Kaki King 471 plays


mosquito repellent by the mountain goats and kaki king [lyrics]

my eyes light up at cops and robbers time. i hope the bad guys win. i hope the good guys get their skulls bashed in.

we made it we’re alive we’re at a dennys in sf waiting to picked up by a friend

rest in filth sketchy hippie rideshare 2014

12:48 am: hippie rideshare lets their racism fly free

we’re praying to the dark lord for the hours to go by faster ugh

"I’m a child of love man, you know? I was the original haight ashbury. You girls know anything about haight ashbury?"

"Hey man do you believe in ghosts?"

"Well, I believe in ancient acquaintances…like around us all the time"

live blogging this weird ride share me n friend caught with two deadheads

"I need to find some progressives I can talk to man"

"I know some progressives, they live in a laundry mat"

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